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running posture

Running is an activity that contributes joy and physical health to many people here in American Canyon. However, it is also an activity that can cause damage to joints in the knees and spine, which is a situation we hope to avoid. For people who use running as an indelible part of their health routine, we urge you to focus on good form to minimze the damage and maximize the benefit. 

Staying upright is key: even when you are tired and pushing yourself hardest, fight the urge to let your head look down and shoulders scrunch up! 

  • Focus on facing straight ahead. In most positions, sitting and standing included, your head determines your posture. Keeping your head centered over your spine and your face forward encourages the rest of your body to stay balanced.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. If you catch them creeping upwards as fatigue increases, take a deep breath and shake them out. 
  • Establish your hips as your center of balance: by staying upright, your hips and torso should naturally face forward. A downward tilt in the pelvic region can contribute to lower back pain. 

We don't seek to change your unique running style; rather, we encourage you to remain aware of the pitfalls inherent to running. Running exclusively on concrete is very harmful to spinal joints. If possible, mix up your running surfaces so that your joints aren't absorbing a high level of shock all the time. Lastly, if your back is hurting you regularly in the wake of running, there may be a structural cause that we can help you find. We provide spinal adjustments which ensure that there is no nerve interference and keep the back balanced and healthy. 

Chiropractic and running are complimentary in their support of your wellness: call our office in American Canyon today. 

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.