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How much of your day do you spend seated? For many people, the minutes spent commuting, working and relaxing really add up: in many cases, sitting accounts for the largest share of a person's daily positioning. Unfortunately, it is also the position most conducive to poor posture. 

Everyone knows the adage, "Sit up straight!" But is this ever enough? Take a look around next time you are in a public setting or at work: how many people are sitting slumped forward, necks craned downward looking at their phones? Slumping and slouching is epidemic in America, and it is contributing to the premature degradation of spines. Are you one of the many who finds it difficult to maintain a properly supported resting posture when seated? If so, let us help! Posture is one of the most immediate ways to effect a change in the health of your back. 

It begins with addressing the strength of the muscles: if the problem is bad enough, your muscles may not even be conditioned to keep a healthy curve. If this is the case, we focus on strengthening the core stabilizing muscles to lend support to the lumbar vertebrae. From here, we focus on establishing good posture. 

A proper seated posture:

  • Head facing forward, centered over the spine
  • Avoid lurching forward (to look at a screen for example)
  • Back straight with shoulders back and relaxed
  • Buttocks touching back of seat
  • Natural curve in the lower back (use a rolled up jacket or pillow if needed)
  • Weight of torso distributed evenly between the hips
  • Legs at 90 degrees or slightly higher
  • Feet resting flat on the floor without too much pressure 

Posture is health and there is no use denying it! Call our office in American Canyon to start making improvements in your posture life. 

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.