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The S word: stress and physical pain exist in a vicious cycle: mental stress leads to physical pain which, in turn, leads to more stress. High levels of mental stress encourage muscles to tense and remain this way: prolonged periods of muscle tension leads to a variety of problems including subluxation, headache and back pain. At American Canyon Chiropractor, we would like to see your muscles exist in a state of relaxation rather than tension, and we have the knowledge and treatment to help this become your reality.

When vertebrae fall out of alignment, they put pressure on the nearby nerves, a condition that we call subluxation. Subluxation essentially creates nerve interference which can lead to back pain and other dysfunction. We focus first on correcting misalignment and ensuring that the nerves are free of pressure. Then we focus on releasing muscle tension and improving circulation and blood flow throughout the body, especially to injurious regions. By reducing pain, we make a positive impact on the stress cycle, hoping to eventually turn it into a positive feedback loop: removing pain makes it easier for you to reduce stress.

At our office in American Canyon, we know that we cannot simply end all stress in your life: after all, some jobs require a higher level of stress than others. Instead, we offer you the chance to combat mental stress without the accompanying physical pain: it is easier this way. Call our office today and find out how a balanced spine is a key component of a stress-free lifestyle.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.