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car accident

After even slight automobile accidents, the world is a different place: your body has been in the middle of the force generated by two substantial objects colliding. The reverberations of a car accident can leave your confidence shaken and your body in a tumultuous state; the damage done to the spine can be hard to determine immediately. Most likely, there is a fair amount of adrenaline coursing through your body that will waylay symptoms for a few days, meaning that underlying conditions may not come to the fore until days or weeks after the collision. At American Canyon Chiropractor, the most common complaint we treat for accident sufferers is headache.

Automobile accidents expose the neck to whiplash, a split-second motion of the head that leaves spinal ligaments damaged. The supporting soft-tissues can also be strained and inflamed during such a severe motion. Most commonly, people complain of stiff necks that hurt when moved, and pain that refers into the head, causing tension headaches.

If your neck has been whiplashed out of alignment, there is very likely an impingement on the cervical nerves which is dealing you a lot of pain. We restore these misalignments and treat the spinal joints with chiropractic adjustment to ensure that your neck sustains no long term damage. We use massage and manual treatment to the inflamed tissues to speed blood flow that brings healing oxygen and nutrients to the region.

If you are suffering from persistent headaches in the wake of an automobile accident, call our office in American Canyon. Our services are at your disposal to get you back behind the wheel feeling confident and free of pain.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.