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Headaches are almost a part of the mentality of being an adult. We accept them as a byproduct of our busy waking lives, a minor annoyance that can be quickly subdued with aspirin or Ibuprofen. If we could only get caught up with work, or bills, or get a restful night’s sleep, then everything would be OK. But what people fail to realize is that all these causes are interrelated and mutually antagonistic: a lifestyle that promotes one will eventually promote the other. And there are other, more physical factors that contribute to headaching behind the scenes. Consider cervicogenic headaches, which are common for people who have experienced a trauma to the neck or back during their lifetime.

Cervicogenic headache is unusual because the pain does not originate in the head. If the neck is out of alignment, nerve pain could be referred from the neck to the head. Nerve signals travel up the spinal cord in the neck and merge with nerves in the brain, making the pain indistinguishable. Furthermore, over 20 muscles in the neck and upper back can refer pain to the head.

At American Canyon Chiropractor, we would like to see people stop writing their headaches off as just a part of life. With a careful and considered diagnosis, we can determine if your pain may be caused by a disorder of the neck or upper back and begin a course of treatment that will restore the cervical vertebrae to proper alignment, freeing up pressure from the associated nerves. If muscles are damaged or strained from repetitive tension, we can use massage to restore circulation to the region and repair them quickly. Call our office at (707) 864-2223 to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.