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sittingModern posture is concerning. A dangerous fusion of circumstances exists: a lack of awareness about proper posture, poor ergonomic support and more jobs than ever plopping down humans in front of computers. Humans are also innately pleasure-seeking, meaning that temporary comfort will win out over healthy posture in most cases: people will sit for hours in an unsupported position, moving nothing but their fingers, distributing pressure unevenly on the body that leads to pain and headache.

Here is a typical picture of someone actively harming their spine at work: working for hours with head and chin forward, shoulders slumped forward and back rounded. Working for hours in a state of tension, the weight of your head is now straining the neck and shoulders; it is no surprise that muscle spasms begin to refer pain to the nerves of the head. And thank yourself very much, your poor posture has now caused you a headache.

Fortunately, this is a reversible situation: posture and ergonomics are something that everyone can succeed at, if only given the right information. Improving your posture is one of the quickest ways you can influence the severity and frequency of chronic headaching. Just knowing that your posture is not actively contributing to your condition is helpful. 

If your posture has left you in a state of muscle tightness and misalignment, call our office in American Canyon at (707) 864-2223 to schedule an appointment today. We will relieve muscle strain and misalignment with chiropractic techniques that are non-invasive and gentle. After that, we work together to create a healthy back care plan that includes good posture.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.