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The nature of a herniated disc injury is a compromised annulus fibrosus: the outer layer of the disc cracks, allowing the nucleus pulposus to leak out and encroach on the nearby nerve. Regardless of whether this injury was caused by direct trauma or over time as the disc wore down, the cartilaginous material that makes up the outer layer has been damaged.

Collagen, a structural protein, is the main component of cartilage. Nutrition is a great way we can impact the health of our discs, especially during the process of recovery. An awareness of spinal disc nutrition benefits you beyond the singular event of your injury: use it to strengthen all the discs in your back and make a positive step toward preventing future injury.

One further factor that contributes to the condition is the body’s inflammatory response that creates swelling in the damaged area. Therefore we want to intake nutrients that have two crucial properties: repair and production of collagen and fighters of inflammation.

Collagen repair and production Anti-Inflammatory foods
Vitamin C is essential for collagen production. Whole Grains
Omega Acids Omega Acids, Fatty fish
Collagen itself can be found in bone broths. Leafy Greens and fruits
Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate: Sulfur binds with glucosamine and chondroitin to repair cartilage. Nuts, in particular almonds
Glycine, proline and lysine are all crucial components of cartilage. Olive oil

For ideas and help on how to start using nutrition to your advantage, call our office in American Canyon at (707) 864-2223 to schedule an appointment today. Our consultation includes a conversation about your diet and how you can make minor improvements to effect large changes.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.