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Carpal tunnel syndrome is an age-old condition that is growing to prominence in the 21st century. With more jobs requiring committed chunks of time in front of a computer scrolling and typing, the hands, wrists and arms are exposed to repetitive motions that perpetuate the growing phenomenon of carpal tunnel syndrome. But data-entry workers are not the only ones at risk: data shows that line assembly workers are even more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome than their computer-savvy counterparts.

While surgery is a consideration for more serious cases, chiropractic provides a gentler, non-invasive alternative that can restore your hands to health.

Carpals are the bones in the wrist, which form, for lack of a better word, a tunnel, which houses the median nerve that travels into the hand from the forearm. Repetitive activities, such as typing, gardening and line assembly work will cause the tendons around the carpal tunnel to swell, pressurizing the median nerve. Any time there is inflammation or swelling around the This is, by definition, a repetitive stress injury.

Common indicators of carpal tunnel:

  • Numbness, tingling and weakness in the hands
  • Pain that shoots up the arm
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Because of its impact on the nervous system, chiropractic is an effective treatment for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. Often times, there is an accompanying subluxation of the cervical vertebrae which causes yet another interruption in the neural pathways between the brain and the hand. After identifying and correcting any abnormalities in the spine, we focus on adjusting the wrist and arm to free the nerve from pressure. If your job is to blame, we can help you create ergonomic solutions that will combat the onset of repetitive stress. Once we relieve your pain and ensure that the nerve is free of pressure, we focus on strengthening activities that restore the carpal region to full health and make it more resilient moving forward.

Carpal tunnel is a modern malady that needs a modern, dynamic treatment. If your pain is getting in the way of your work or life, but you are unsure if surgery is the answer, give our office in American Canyon a call at (707) 864-2223 and schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C