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At American Canyon Chiropractic, we encourage you to eat and drink to the health of your annulus fibrosus. This is the structure that cracks and allows for the inner gel-like material to leak out and impinge on the nearby nerve. When it comes to healing your herniated disc, nutrition is a tertiary consideration. But once your head and back are clear of pain, it is worth adding diet as another dimension for managing your condition. Dieting for a herniated disc focuses on contributing nutrients that repair and maintain the health of cartilage.

Nutrition is linked with higher healing success.

Glucosamine sulfate occurs naturally in our bodies. But many people can use more: it is crucial for the healthy upkeep of collagen, which is the primary material in intervertebral discs.

Vitamin C is a great stimulus for collagen production. Sulfur is an auxiliary mineral that boosts the potency of vitamin C.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids, found in high concentration in fish oil, for collagen production and to help fortify the cartilage against wear and tear. Also found in flaxseed, Omega-3s are natural anti-inflammatories.

There are many other health benefits to be reaped from a wholesome diet. As with all dietary advice, we advocate against processed foods that contain nitrites and foods that are high in sugar or fat, but lack vitamins or derivable nutrition. Every sip and bite you take could impact your recovery from a herniated disc.

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Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C