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It could be as innocent as a cute sneeze or a watery eye: the first indicators of allergy season are rarely happy occasions. Chronic allergy sufferers know that these physical manifestations represent the onset of a turbulent season full of headaches and messy noses, itchy skin and stuffy ears. The standard medical response is to treat allergies with antihistamines, which are effective at drying out the nasal passageways. But treating the surface symptoms is not an effective cure; common sense would say that to do away with allergies for good, one must start by finding the underlying cause. Allergies occur when the immune system goes into overdrive to eradicate a perceived harmful substance. The histamines and antibodies that are created by the body are responsible for an inflammatory effect that causes allergic symptoms.

Chiropractic is not a direct treatment for allergies and therefore approaches them in a round about manner: because the nervous and immune systems overlap, the health of one can impact the other. By removing interferences in the nervous system, positive impacts are achieved in the immune system. A healthy body is one that uses its entire faculty to differentiate between truly and falsely harmful substances, coordinating responses accordingly.

Consider a subluxation of the ninth thoracic vertebra. At this point in the spine, nerves responsible for communicating between the brain and adrenal glands exit. The adrenal glands are responsible for tempering the release of histamines with cortisol, a strong anti-inflammatory. It is no coincidence that many chronic allergy sufferers have poorly functioning adrenal glands. By correcting subluxation to the T9 vertebra, the adrenal glands can work to full effect.

Allergies are a nuisance. At American Canyon Chiropractor, we believe that you can fight back with a healthy spine and a dose of awareness. Call our office at (707) 864-2223 to schedule an appointment today and see how you can fight back against these seasonal irritants.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.