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Imagine a life of labored breathing: your body's attempt to intake oxygen and expel carbon dioxide is hampered by bronchospasm and tightness in the chest; a feeling of panic sets in and every breath is accompanied by a wheeze. Inhalers are sought to dilate the lungs and open inflamed airways, allowing for circulation, and the process is over, for the moment. Sufferers of asthma know that it is only a matter of time: the dark cloud of asthma is hanging around every corner as attacks often come on violently and unpredictably. At American Canyon Chiropractor, we are using the spine as a portal to the respiratory system in an effort to help people of all ages breathe easier.

The chiropractic connection to respiratory health lies in the cervical vertebrae, where nerves exiting from C3, C4 and C5 combine to form the phrenic nerve. This is the nerve primarily responsible with communicating between the brain and the diaphragm, the primary muscle used for breathing. The diaphragm and its auxiliary muscles benefit from unrestricted nerve flow through this region, meaning that a subluxation in any of these vertebrae can lead to difficulty breathing. Assuring the alignment of the cervical spine is a good step towards treating asthma: with gentle adjustment, we release pressure from the cervical nerves, allowing the breathing muscles to perform.

Reduced respiratory system function is also symptomatic of a high-stress lifestyle; we focus on restrictive muscles in the neck and tightness in the chest cavity as points of interest when people tell us they are having breathing problems. Our job is to ensure that no physical abnormalities are contributing to your respiratory condition. Call our office in American Canyon at (707) 864 2223 to find out how we can help lower the frequency and severity of asthma attacks in your life.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.