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At American Canyon Chiropractor, one of the most common injuries we treat in the aftermath of an auto accident is whiplash. Whiplash is a non-medical term that describes the motion of a neck being jarred rapidly forward and backward, or side-to-side. The damage can be significant, as the sudden whipping motion destabilizes the spine and causes damage to the supporting soft tissue. This leaves you in a post-accident state of misalignment that can pressurize nerves and cause severe pain. Whiplash can be determined by other symptoms, such as stiffness and lessened range of motion in the neck, dizziness, headaches and blurred vision. These are serious symptoms; we offer you serious treatment.

Spinal health is predicated upon balance and alignment; to this end, a spine subject to trauma is a good candidate for chiropractic adjustment. Whiplash undermines the stability of your cervical region by pushing the spine beyond its normal limits, resulting in strained and torn ligaments, and misaligned vertebrae.  We have expertise in supporting the structural integrity of your back after an auto accident. Through spinal adjustment and massage we restore proper alignment and heal damaged tissues that may be causing you trouble. The spine is a major part of your body, and its health is integral to a properly functioning nervous system that helps you realize a pain-free life after an auto accident.

The sooner you see us after trauma the better your chances of a quick, uncomplicated recovery. We specialize in caring for structures that absorb the bulk of force created during an auto accident. Call our office at (707) 864-2223 to see how our office supports the motorists of American Canyon.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.