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100 W. American Canyon Rd. Suite k6
American Canyon, Ca 94503

The spinal cord is the conduit of nerve function for your whole body. Its protection and healthful maintenance is a top priority at American Canyon Chiropractic. Vertebral misalignments, known as subluxations, interfere with normal nerve function, causing pain and disease. We are specialists at using gentle, safe adjustments to restore the spine to proper alignment, thus allowing the nervous system to perform unhindered.

The neck encases the cervical portion of the spine and misalignments in this region can cause chronic pain, headaches, and interfere with sleep. It is a sensitive structure that is subject to daily wear and tear and its protection is paramount.  Common injuries we see in my office include whiplash brought on by trauma, cervical strains, and intervertebral disc issues, such as herniation and degenerative disc disease. These are conditions that can often be treated and reversed without the necessity of surgical intervention. When combined with a health-conscious lifestyle, chiropractic adjustment and massage can keep the neck in a state of good health.

Damage to soft tissues in the neck and shoulders can limit range of motion and cause pain that has no place in your life. Deep tissue massage can improve blood flow to damaged tissues, bringing nutrients and oxygen flow to the healing process. We will diagnose your neck pain by focusing on regions that cause pain during movement, and evaluate your posture and spinal alignment. Once your affliction is identified, we have a full range of services to treat your neck:

  • Targeted spinal adjustment
  • Instrument-assisted adjustment
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Trigger point therapy

Preventing a pain in your neck is our prerogative. Call our office in American Canyon today at (707) 864-2223.

Dr. Stephen Rasmussen, D.C.